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Welcome to the Tashmoo Cottage and Hideaway

Vacation Home Rentals on Martha's Vineyard


     Surrounded by sea, one and a half mile from the ocean front, Tashmoo Cottage and Hideaway is ready to accomodate your Martha's Vineyard vacation in one of its beautiful cottages. With Ellen's sculptor's background and my solid 25 years experience in carpentry,  we created a little paradise  to share with you.

We both spent the best of our childhood summers in a cottage by the beach. The settings were very similar, though on opposite sides of the same Atlantic Ocean. As many people do, we went looking for our childhood’s bliss, and found our spot on Martha’s Vineyard.

Time is on hold as you wade into the ocean on a hot summer day and notice that the water is so clear, you can actually see the crabs skittering away from your feet....

Walk a lazy mile home from the beach on the forested dirt road, and shower off the beach sand under an outdoor shower. Or hop on a shuttle to explore an up-island beach if you so desire. When you've had enough sun, there are several picturesque small towns with interesting stores and world class restaurants to enjoy. Or you can head to Menemsha seaport to have fresh caught and cooked lobster on the docks.

I invite you to come enjoy Tashmoo Cottage and Hideaway on the wonderful island of Martha's Vineyard, and maybe you'll find a little bit of your childhood, too.