Man's best friends get him outdoors

Vets & Clinics

Animal Health Care Associates
Address: Airport Road, West Tisbury, MA
Tel: 508.693.6515   
Vineyard Veterinary Clinic
Address: 276 Edgartown Vineyard Haven Road, Edgartown, MA
Tel: 508.627.5292
My Pet's Vet
Address: 401 State Road in Vineyard Haven. 508-639-4040

                            Pet Sitters

The Royal Dog: 508-696-5220
The young owner, Olivia Jacobs, lives next door.  She offers dog walking, day visiting, grooming and training services. 
On Island Dogs: 508-686-7299, Web:
Critter Sitter: 508-693-9325

Pet Grooming Services

The Royal Dog: 508-696-5220
The young owner, Olivia Jacobs lives next door.  She will pick up and deliver your dog by appointment.
Canine Clippers mobile Service: 508-627-3647
Groomingdale’s, VH:  508-693-5693
Prettie Doggie: 508-560-0284
Tanya’s Pet & Spa: 508-889-9772

Pet Supplies

Good Dogs Goods: 508-696-7100, Web gooddoggoods
SBS, The Grain Store, VH:   508-696-7271
The Black Wharf, 20 Beach Road: VH ; 508-693-3854

Dog's Vacation

Martha's Vineyard is an island where pets are considered as best friends.

The Tashmoo Cottage and Hideaway is located in a rural area where dogs are very welcome.  We think the dogs here live for the morning run or walk to our local Tshmoo Beach.  Running a distance of 1-1/2 mile both ways keep our dogs healthy and happy socializing and snoozing about in partial shade for the rest of a lazy summer day.
You’ll find dogs walked on the streets, accompanying their masters on the steamship boats, hanging out of car windows along Beach Road or walking along their owners on the many trails and beaches on the island. 
Surely, your pet would rather roam one of the many forested trails with you, than suffer from salt and sun damage for a long day on a beach with no shelter.  When you do take your dog to the beach for a morning walk, or an evening stroll, remember that all excrement must be removed and properly disposed. Violating these restrictions is an offense ($50).
Dog-sitters are available on island to take care of your dog if you want to spend some time at indoor restaurants or in places where dogs are not allowed.


Landbank & Reservation trails,

where you and your dog can have a great time together:
Trade Wind Fields Preserve - Oak Bluffs
Christiantown Woods Preserve - West Tisbury
Farm Pond Preserve - Oak Bluffs
Featherstone Farm - Oak Bluffs
Katama Point Preserve - Edgartown
Peaked Hill Reservation - Chilmark
Poucha Pond Reservation - Edgartown
Quays Corner - Oak Bluffs
Manuel F. Correllus State Forrest - leashed dogs only


Pet regulation for area beaches

Dogs are allowed on area beaches under the following restrictions:
January 1 - March 31: No restrictions
April 1 - May 14: All dogs & pets must stay at least 100 yards off of protected & posted nesting habitats.
May 15 - August 30: All pets are welcome on all beaches before 9 AM – and after 5 PM.
All dogs must stay at least 100 yards off of protected & posted nesting habitats.
September 1 - September 16: Dogs and pets are welcome on area beaches before 9 AM -  and after 5 PM.
September 16 - December 31: No restrictions