clam shell harvest
clam shell harvest

About Us

The Tashmoo Cottage and Hideaway was but a dream when Ellen and I put in an offer on the 299 Dagget Avenue property in the middle of a snowstorm in 1998.  A Christmas wish came through, when the offer was accepted, and this property became our future, December 24 of 1998.

        We hurried back to California, packed up 20 years of construction and art supplies, discontinued our lives on the West Coast, and headed for a future closer to both of our original birthplaces.  Ellen now happy to be half way home, to Norway, and only a half day’s ride from my ailing parents in Connecticut.

     On April 22, 1999, we were established on Island, signing the ownership commitment, and enthusiastically starting our life on the beautiful Island of Martha’s Vineyard.

The first thing we discovered, was how hard it was to find a decent, affordable place to live on Martha’s Vineyard.

Our property was there, with the original building, 30' x 40 ‘, but unapproachable as the tenant was unable to fulfill her promise of moving.  With a 10 year old in tow that needed to have an address for school, we soon decided we had to find a more permanent solution than what a growing group of friends and clients were able to offer us.

That is how the Tashmoo Cottage was born.

The Cottage became a one-year family project with a lot of learning, living and laughter, incorporating our family into Martha’s Vineyard life.  We learned they were “washashores”, of course, and that it would take us at least three generations to be considered islanders.

Our family grew into the island, and discovered that sharing, is required when you behold a jewel of a place, like Martha’s Vineyard. 

Now the property has developed from forested hills to groomed greens, and has been continually loved, cared for and shared with you for more than 10 years.

In late 2011 Ellen lost her battle with Cancer. Today I reside on the property and welcomes guests to the enchanting hideaway that Ellen and I dreamed-up, designed and built together. 

I am still a washashore, of course, but  I love this island every bit as much as when  Ellen and I first set our faith on it.  Not the least because of you.  I feel continually happy to hear the children’s laughter, smell the BBQs around the house and  chat over the fence with your excited family vacationing here. There is no greater pleasure than shared bliss.  I am happy to share this paradise with you, and hope your memories will enrich your family for years to come.